Suicidal Ideation Therapy

Helping individuals suffering with suicidal
ideation using proven evidence-based
treatment methodology
Are you struggling with persistent suicidal thoughts, and feeling like traditional therapy just isn’t helping? Afraid that by talking about your thoughts to a therapist, you will end up in a hospital?

You aren't alone. We don't want you to be hospitalized, either.

Millions of people struggle with suicidal thoughts and actions, and are searching for treatments that are proven to help. We understand, and we are prepared. Maybe you are afraid that your thoughts are so dark, your loved ones and even your therapist will not be able to handle it. You deserve an informed, specially trained therapist who will collaborate with you through an evidence-based therapeutic process designed to keep you out of the hospital. You deserve to heal and live, even if you don’t believe that right now. CAMS-Care is an evidenced-based practice proven to help people struggling with suicidal thoughts.

Collaborative treatment that prioritizes your goals, and keeps you out of the hospital.

If you are:

  • Suffering from suicidal thoughts
  • Feeling stuck in your thoughts
  • Ready to begin the healing process but don’t know where to start
  • Looking for someone who can help you address suicidal thoughts without hospitalization
… then you’re in the right place.
​Collaborative Assessment and Management of Suicidality, or CAMS-Care, has been proven to reduce suicide ideation as well as overall feelings of depression and helplessness in just 12 weeks. CAMS-Care is an outpatient evidence-based therapeutic process with over 30 years of clinically trials proving its success. Individuals in CAMS-Care treatment have been able to significantly reduce or eliminate self-harm and suicidal ideation. You deserve to enjoy life again and we are here to help you in a non-judgmental, effective therapeutic environment.

How it Works.

  1. Book your free 20 minute consultation.
  2. It’s important that you feel like your therapist is a good fit. You will connect with your therapist so you can determine if they are the therapist for you.

  3. Get your questions answered.
  4. During the consultation, your therapist will give you an overview of their approach to therapy and answer any questions you may have.

  5. Attend your first appointment.
  6. Join your therapist in person or via secure, HIPAA compliant video to begin developing a plan to help you reach your goals.

We are here to help you build the rewarding, authentic, and empowered
life you deserve.

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