Helping you find calm in the
midst of change.

A Private Pay Provider.

When Life Changes, We Change.

The way we view ourselves, our relationships, and the world around us.

Are You:

  • Experiencing anxiety that’s leaving you feeling insecure and unfulfilled in your relationships?
  • Grieving the traumatic loss of a loved one and feeling like it’s impossible to go about everyday life?
  • Exploring your gender identity or beginning transition, but feeling the pressure to live up to the expectations of those around you?
  • Navigating the end of a relationship and wondering how to negotiate co-parenting over the long-term?
  • Experiencing anxiety, depression or trauma as a first responder or family member of a first responder?
  • Struggling with suicidal thoughts?

​Then you're in the right place.

Heartwise Therapy is composed of a team of therapists specializing in life transition, We are here to help you process and experience the very real emotions that come with change – and then to do something with them.

Together, we will work on bringing you back to yourself: releasing unrealistic expectations, setting better boundaries to protect your needs, and identifying your purpose and identity as a result of those experiences.

If you're ready for relief, we are ready to help you find it.

Step 1

​Schedule a free consultation

Your therapist will answer your questions, and you can decide if you feel they are a good fit for you. If not, they will connect you with other therapists who can help

Step 2

​Learn to tap into your own strengths.

We'll work together to draw on your natural strengths, helping you process your experiences in a productive and empowering way.

Step 3

​Come to a place of peace & acceptance.

You can get off the hamster wheel of pleasing others and wondering "why me?" You'll learn to be okay even if the people or circumstances around you don't change.

Specialized Services

If you’re ready for relief, we are ready to help you find it.

Individual Therapy

For adults looking for relief, support, and hope for what’s next. ​ ​

Co-Parenting Counseling and Private Mediation

Providing structure and support for children to thrive in two households.

Gender Exploration

Supporting adults exploring gender identity or in transition.

First Responders

Helping first responders process the work stressors & create a happier homelife.

Suicidal Ideation

For teenagers & adults who need immediate results in an out-patient setting.

What would life be like if you were at peace & in control of your emotions?

That's exactly what we can help you do

Dr. Rebecca Love

Clinical Director


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