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About Christine deGuzman, ASW
Young adults, anxiety, mindfulness, life transitions

Christine de Guzman, ASW

You deserve a safe space to rest and reflect, to play, create, heal, and grow. I am here to co-create with you a space where you can feel at ease, encouraged, and open to meeting the challenges and joys of healing and transformation, a space in which the impacts of oppressive systems, culture, and a changing climate are taken into account.

My approach to practice integrates mindfulness, liberatory rest (as put forth by Tricia Hersey in “Rest Is Resistance”), play, and internal family systems. My work with clients is grounded in care, curiosity, the power of community, and a deep trust in the capacity of each person, no matter the age, to connect with their inner wisdom. Together, we can explore the unique ways you can flourish as you practice navigating the inevitable ups and downs of life.

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